Canon ij Scan Utility

 Canon IJ Scan Utility is a scanner management utility that allows anyone to take full control of their scanner and automate the various services it offers. This app, designed from the ground up to take full advantage of modern Canon scanners, allows both novices at home and seasoned users at work to quickly take control of high-quality scanning. The app includes easily accessible tools for optimizing scanning techniques for photos, documents, papers with multiple elements, and even features like stitching data gathered from multiple individual papers into a single output. 

           How to download IJ Scan Utility ? 

Follow these steps to know how to download it

1.Navigate to the Canon USA Support page.Because this article applies to a wide range of printer models, the link above will take you to a page where you can enter specific ij.start.cannon printer model number. Model names vary by country, and only models from the United States will be displayed.

2.In the search box, type in the model number of your printer/scanner.   

3.Click on your model's name when it appears. This will take you to the support page for your specific printer/scanner.

4.You will be taken straight to the Drivers & Downloads section. Check that your operating system is selected in the dropdown   menu

5. Find the file with the name "MP Drivers" under the Drivers heading, then select it.

6.To save the file to your computer, click Download.

7.When the download is finished, double-click the file to begin the installation. Learn where to look for the file if you can't find it. Install the MP Drivers by following the on-screen instructions. After you have completed the installation process, you will be able to locate and launch the IJ Scan Utility to begin scanning.

          How to install IJ SCAN UTILITY ?

1.On your computer, look for the downloaded Software File. 

   In other words, a Disk image will appear on your Desk.

2.To launch the Installer, double-click on the appropriate   icon.

3.To begin the installation process, open the “.pkg (package)” file.

4.When the Security Prompt window appears, click the 

5.Then, on the following "User Account Control" window click "Yes" to allow the installation of the utility.

6.After that, select the “Language” tab. Then, make an  appropriate choice.

7.After that, click “Next” to continue.

Following that, select appropriately on the following window that prompts "Select Your Place Of Residence." 

Then press the "Next" button.

8.The Firewall Settings are displayed in the following window. After that you have to  "Deactivate the Block before allowing Installation. As a result, check the corresponding checkbox ,then press the "Next" button.